Your mission, should you chose to accept it...

I got the call Wednesday night, I've been waiting a month for this.  Spinning class starts on April 15th at the Weaving Department in Myer's House, and I'm signed up.  Got my spindle, got my roving, made one disasterous attempt at spinning that ended up with 10mm thick "yarn" and I can't wait to learn how to do it properly!  It's a 3 week course.

However, learning to spin could mean reduced knitting time, and I have things to do.

Socks and other animals.

The socks for my mother are proceeding apace, hopefully I'll get a decent amount done at knitting morning on Saturday (Brentwood Borders, in the cafe, 10am till 12pm if you're in St Louis).  The brown yarn snuggling next to the socks is hempathy in Desert Sand for my lace scarf.  I can't start it till the Bittersweet mittens are finished, which requires facing down the embroidery beast with naught but thread and needle.  There may be bloodshed, and cursing.  If I'm not back on Monday, the embroidery won.

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