From the mountains high and valleys low,
the ocean through the desert snow,
say goodbye to the friends we know,
this is our exodus, this is our exodus.
From the traffic jams in Tokyo,
new music on the radio,
say goodbye to the world we know,
this is our exodus, this is our exodus.
Utada, Exodus '04

Utada is the third new artist Pandora has found for us, she's a Japanese pop singer.  Exodus '04 is a remix, and it's good.  The original track, and the CD it came from, are also good.  The CD is in my car, which is the highest praise I can bestow.

Pandora is a web site that picks things to play based on artists and songs you already like, and streams the audio.  They encourage independent bands to get their songs in the database, which get played along with the big names.  There are ads on the site (but not popups), and they have a hookup with iTunes and Amazon.  You hear whole songs, not just snippets.  Worth trying out.

(In other music news, Tarkan's first English language release in America is coming out on Amazon on April 11th, Come Closer.  I love his first album, but it's a little odd to find yourself singing along in Turkish.  What I've heard of the new album is good.)

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