Mr Men

BBC News: Happy birthday to the Mr Men.

It was 35 years ago that Mr Tickle first made an appearance, kicking off generation after generation's love for the Mr Men and the Little Miss books.  The Mr Men were the creation of Roger Hargreaves who came up with the Mr Tickle character when his young son Adam asked what a tickle looked like.  Now decades later there are more than 40 Mr Men characters and 30 Little Misses.  An exhibition to mark the anniversary has opened at the Animation Art Gallery in London.  Adam took over the Mr Men empire in 1988 when his father died suddenly at the age of 53.  He had never attempted to draw any of the Mr Men before he was plunged into the world of children's fiction.

I grew up with the Mr Men.  There's a Mr Strong sat on a bookshelf in the living room, and we picked up a Mr Nonsense travel bug in a geocache last year (which appears to have gone missing in the Netherlands).  You can't help but love them!

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