Yarn Dilemma Resolved

Thank you for all your help!  The winner is: Harvest Moon, because Tiger's Eye was unavailable.  Emailed The Fold last night, and Toni emailed back this morning.  Blue Moon Fiber Arts is increasing the yardage on Socks That Rock to 350 yards per skein next year, it's 325 yds right now.  That should be enough, I did Hubby's socks in 350 yds of Mountain Colors Bearfoot with a small ball left over.

Novel validation starts on Friday 25th November.  I've got three scenes left to write but last night I ignored the novel and went out to a friend's birthday meal.  I'm close to finishing a Tiger sock. The first sock is a half inch from done.  I have about three weeks to finish the Faina scarf and I need to do most of one pattern repeat and the decrease section, then blocking and fringing.

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