End of the line

My novel is at 50,000 words, another few scenes and it'll be done.  I think I'm taking tomorrow off.

Grateful thanks to:

  • The excellent cheerleading team, both online and offline (Hubby, Rox, Carrie, Shirl, Jan the Warrior Knitter, Rose Black, and NaNo St Louis).
  • Godiva chocolate, for my ten thousand word bribe.
  • Stephen King, for my halfway bribe "On Writing."
  • Hubby, for the reality check, and for preventing another car accident.  Three car incidents were enough.
  • The Fold, for making Socks that Rock yarn as my finishing bribe.
  • Fred, for interesting roommate stories.
  • Dave, for telling me about the Prius.
  • Sherri's cat Truman, for the half-a-tail story.
  • Rox, for telling me about Caz Novak.
  • Royal Surrey Hospital of Guildford, for not letting me die in 1996.
  • Apple, for making the PowerBook I used, and for the Pages program.
  • My trusty thumb drive (aka "that silver thing").
  • Skacel, for stress relief knitting on the Trampoline Tiger socks.
  • California Pizza Kitchen, Priyaa Indian Buffet, House of India, Applebees, and other restaurants for meals along the way.
  • Barnes and Noble for hosting the Sunday write-ins (now with added duct tape for the trailing cables).
  • Larry at Starbucks, for hosting the Saturday write-ins.
  • Chris Baty, for being crazy enough to think you could write a novel in a month.  You really can.

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