NaNoWriMo 2005

Nearly there!  These are the lessons learned from my second NaNoWriMo experience:

  • Do your research outside of writing times.
  • Turn off the internet until you hit your word count for the session.  Then go on the NaNo forums.
  • Compete with no-one but yourself.
  • Meet the local NaNo'ers, it's much more fun in company.
  • Bribe, treat, and reward yourself for milestones.
  • Block out distractions with foreign or instrumental music.
  • Encourage others, especially the newbies.
  • Challenges, dares, and word wars are good.
  • Write with headphones on (even if you're not playing music) so people don't disturb you.
  • Characters may have a better idea of the plot than you.  After all, they're in it.
  • Plunder your life experiences, you have more than you think.
  • Plunder other people's life experiences too.
  • Set a daily word goal and try to exceed it, even if it's only by five words.
  • Never stop at 666 words for the day.
  • It's not about the 50k, it's about finishing the story.

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