Winning Author!

Got my novel validated, got my certificate downloaded, and got this too:

2005 National Novel Writing Month Winner!

And on Novel Length Validation Day, look what was waiting in my mailbox:

Socks that Rock in Harvest Moon.

One skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock, purchased from The Fold as my prize for winning NaNoWriMo.  I am impressed with Toni's speed, I faxed the order in on Tuesday and have the yarn in my paws Friday lunchtime.  It's gorgeous yarn too, soft, tightly and consistently plied, with beautiful colours.  I can't wait to get started knitting it!  Must remember to go slower with the winder this time.   The colours aren't perfect in the photo, the orange is great and there's a lovely coppery section between orange and brown, and a canary yellow too.  I think it'll look fantastic when it's made into socks.

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