More yarn

This is my first ever skein of Koigu PPPM, colour 622, ordered from the Patternworks catalogue.  I was expecting it to be more red and less pink, but I think this will work.  I really like the dark purple/blue strands.

Koigu PPPM 622.

It's going to be another neck scarf, like the bowknot scarf I made with my Morehouse Merino Christmas present from last year.  Patternworks have a free pattern with a one skein purchase.  I won't be starting it just yet.  I did finish one of these though:

Tiger sock.

The first Tiger Sock is done, finished early Thanksgiving morning, and the toe on the second sock was done Thursday afternoon.  They have to take a back seat to Faina's Scarf, which must be complete in about two weeks time.  We're flying to England in December for Christmas and New Year, having found a wonderful house-and-cat-sitter, and Faina must be given to her new owner before we go.

Once Faina is done, I will probably start on the Koigu so I can wear the scarf while it's still cold outside.  The next pair of socks will be my Harvest Moon Socks That Rock, using a slight variation on my normal sock pattern.  I can't have two pairs of socks in progress at once, it drives me batty how slowly they go!

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