Picked up one ball of yarn from Myers House at the weekend while Hubby was working on his Thanksgiving sermon for the old folks home.  It was Classic Elite Bazic Wool in an orange sherbet colour for the leftovers blanket.  The blanket is going to be made from six strips, five by thirty six inches each.  It turns out I don't have nearly enough leftover yarn, so it's become leftovers plus new stuff I want to try out.  Strip Two had been languishing for a while, now the end is nigh:

Blanket strip two.

From left to right, Regia Norweger, bought on my birthday in 2004, followed by leftover Mountain Colors Bearfoot from Hubby's socks, followed by the Bazic Wool, followed by Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran originally bought for another SnB Nation hair band.  Bazic is very twisty, but it feels solid and warm, and the stitch definition is great.  I think I'm going back for more.  Two strips down, four or five more to go...

Tiger Sock leftovers will go in the next strip of the blanket.  Found two yarn stores in the town we'll be staying in over Christmas, I'd like to put some English yarn in the blanket.

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