Yarn and other animals

Cast on with the Socks That Rock yarn on Monday night.  It's like knitting with cocoa butter.  Soft, smooth, yarn with gorgeous colours.  Had to rip out the toe twice (too many stitches, then a crappy increase) but it's OK.  I am calling these socks Harvest Rock.  The yarn is a little thicker than I was expecting, I got 8.5 st/in on the Addi size 1, not my usual 9st/in.  I'm glad I got this colour (Harvest Moon), the yellow and orange are wonderful.  It's my usual toe up pattern with slight variations.

Snake scarf and Harvest Rock socks.

The Morehouse Snake Scarf blocked out well, wore it yesterday and it is so soft!  Soft and cute.  It was a Christmas present last year from Hubby, I knit it up straight away but never did the blocking or finishing.  Sewed the eyes and tongue on with button thread.  Started the Koigu neck scarf with wooden needles, hopefully those will be allowed on a plane and in an airport.

Carodan Farm has a new sock yarn called Step with Aloe and Jojoba oil in.  Sounds odd!  Carodan Farm is a good place to order online, they have a ton of sock yarn (among other things) and shipping is very fast.   Also found American Buffalo yarn, it is expensive but I love the colour.  The idea of buffalo, camel, llama, and yak yarn is fascinating.

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