Interesting BBC News stories today.

Plasma engine passes initial test.  The engine uses ionised xenon gas for thrust. It's slower than a chemical drive, but it can operate for longer.  Good diagram of how an ion engine works.

Mayan treasure found in Guatemala.  A mural has been found, described as the Mayan equivalent of the Sistine Chapel, thought to have been painted in 100BC.  It shows the Mayan creation myth.

TV Glitch mars Xbox 360 Kong game.  Saw this in CompUSA at the weekend.  The designer set it for high definition TVs, with no option to switch to normal TV settings, so you're running around in the dark.  They recommend avoiding the Xbox 360 version.

Brazil city proposes ban on death.  When the cemetery is full, and you're not allowed to build another one, what can you do?

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