A Good Cup of Tea

BBC News: Tea 'reduces ovarian cancer risk'.

The risk of developing ovarian cancer can be reduced by drinking tea, a team of Swedish researchers says.  Karolinska Institute researchers found drinking at least two cups a day cut the risk by nearly 50%. Antioxidants in tea are thought to be the reason.  The team quizzed over 60,000 women, 301 of whom developed ovarian cancer.  The Archives of Internal Medicine study said more research was needed, and UK experts added there was still no proof of the benefits.  Previous research has shown tea helps to protect against several types of cancer, and boosts memory.

I grew up with two cups of tea at every meal, plus extra tea in the afternoon on weekends.  We drank Typhoo, PG Tips, and Sainsbury's Red Label, and amassed a collection of tea cards.

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