Works in progress

Started the Silky neck cozy on Saturday.  Used just one strand of Silky Wool, I'll probably end up making another cozy with the pink yarn. It's a very simple pattern but I love the puffiness of the fabric.

Silky Wool neck cozy.

The yarn is very soft and warm.  The thickness varies a little, and it has a few flecks of vegetable matter in, but it's still great yarn. There is no knitting until I make my 2,000 words for the day (Saturday was the exception), so it's a daily reward.

My novel is going well, I expect to cross the halfway point early this week.  I'm on track for a good crisis in a few thousand words. Things will explode, people will die, mayhem will ensue.  Hubby wrote a gem of a scene on Friday that still makes me giggle.

St Louis is in a four-way NaNoWriMo Word War with Indianapolis, Dayton, and Louisville to see who can write the most.  It's a close run thing, but we're going to win!

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