Stash diving and novel writing

I haven't cast on for anything since finishing the Boudica socks, which are a good fit and look great.  I'll definitely be looking for

more BFL sock yarn.  It's been eight days since my last stitch and I miss it.

I have a skein of dusty pink Silky Wool left over from making Faina's Scarf for Janice, and another skein in eggplant intended for a Branching Out scarf that got ripped repeatedly then abandoned.  Combine the two, add in the free Koigu neck cozy pattern from Patternworks, and I  think I have a candidate for Knitting Morning on Saturday (10am-12pm at the cafe in Borders on Brentwood).  See you there!

My novel is proceeding well, I made it past the quarter mark this week.  I'm getting to the crisis at the end of Act I and all my characters are miserable, including the cat, which I'm counting as a success.  The plot isn't a serious one, and I'm having a ball with it!  Hubby's novel is going very well, though not quite in the direction originally expected.  Maybe this time I'll dodge the week two wall where everything is dreary and hard going...

Update 9th November:

See shiny word count widget!  See widget go!  I could sing (but I'm not that cruel), the widgets are out!  Go get your widgets!  Now with added options...

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