I'm still writing my novel.  They say everything comes together in week 3 and once you hit the 35k mark you're golden.  I made 35102 last night and it feels good.  This is the fourth year I've done NaNoWriMo and it's a ton of fun, especially the St Louis regional write-ins on Sunday afternoons.  My goal is to have a whole shelf of trashy first-draft novels that I've written.

Got word this week that my Geocaching travel bugs are on the move.  The Hiking Sock is heading for North and South Dakota, and Cocoa the Koala will be on a plane to New Zealand next week!  Cocoa's goal was to visit Britain and New Zealand and then return to the US.  He's done the UK leg of the trip, including a stop at Aberdeen University, and he arrived in New South Wales in Australia several weeks ago.

My Silky neck cozy is a few inches longer than the last picture.  It's not getting much attention right now.  I have some yarn up on Destash for cash, three more things to go and I'm down to only the yarn I like.  Which means there's room for some more!  I'm waiting for one colour of ShiBui Knits to come back in stock at The Loopy Ewe and prowling Etsy.  What are your favourite Etsy yarn sellers?  I like Twisted, Mama Blue and Sunnyside Ellen (especially her "pigs in mud" colour).

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