NaNoWriMo 2013 Week Two - Plowing On

My story needs more boom. More explosions, more crises, more stuff going horribly wrong. (Daily updates are posted here)

Friday 8th
19175 words, 2050 today. A little writing before work, leadership book club ate my lunchtime, so everything else was at home. The NaNoWriMo validator shaved off about 20 words from my total when I tested it this morning, that was reassuringly close to the Scrivener word count. Struggling to make my words for the day.

Saturday 9th
22189 words, 3014 today. Marathon novelling day! Went up to the Crooked Tree Coffee House in St Charles and came home with 2800 words written. Crossed over the 3k mark after seeing Thor: The Dark World at the cinema (do stay until the lights go up). Hoping to hit 25k tomorrow. Also need to read another 5 chapters for book club and practice 30 self defense techniques and 11 kata.

Sunday 10th
25007 words, 2818 today. Wrote over a thousand words at the Clayton Bread Co, then more at home while doing laundry. Two characters have teamed up unexpectedly, another one went somewhere I hadn't planned, the story is coming along nicely.

Monday 11th
26371 words, 1364 today. Wrote a little at lunch, some after work, and none after two hours in the karate studio. Gave one of the instructors my 2009 novel to read, the one that started the series I'm working on.

Tuesday 12th
29239 words, 2868 today. Really good day, got 300 words before work, over 1100 at lunch, writing in the Flying Saucer pub, and even more at home. Which is good because tomorrow will be a bad day for writing. Introduced a villain and a monster. I think I just hit the story halfway point.

Wednesday 13th
31289 words, 2050 today. Crossed the 30k mark before karate tonight, still need another 900 for the day though. Keeping on pace, but this was a difficult day with no lunchtime writing.

Thursday 14th
33314 words, 2025 today.The last day of the infamous Week Two! What I thought was a minor character keeps popping up all over the place, and what I thought would be a fun character to write seems to be dragging. Thinking I need to take some time tomorrow and plot the next couple of weeks.

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