NaNoWriMo 2013 Week Three – Plague and meetings vs. the word count

I had something planned at lunchtime every single day this week, and then I got sick. It's going to be hard to get the words in, but I can see the end of the story coming. (Daily updates are posted here)

Friday 15th
35359 words, 2045 today. Working on a summary of what's been written to plot the rest of the month. A lot has happened in my story, not all of it planned. Writing in the dentist's waiting room (no cavities!), 44 scenes written so far.

Saturday 16th
37385 words, 2026 today. Knit group at Stone Spiral in Maplewood (zero words), followed by lunch and write-in at the Crooked Tree Coffee House in St Charles. Mistaken identities are good for word count, and I know where this chapter ends now. Quick nunchucks demo for a fellow WriMo after the write-in.

Sunday 17th
40013 words, 2628 today. Plotted out another 20 scenes I need to write and put then in a Scene Bucket folder on Scrivener, there are probably others but I can see the ending of the story from here. Needed a break today so I skipped the write-in.

Monday 18th
40189, 176 today. Team lunch, group class and sparring class in the evening. Succumbed to the lure of XCOM: Enemy Within and started my first game.

Tuesday 19th
42203 words, 2014 today. I have the plague, or some kind of zombie death cold. When you open the door and they say "Good God, you look awful," you know you're not well. Writing under the influence of cold meds.

Wednesday 20th
43016 words, 816 today. No karate today, cancelled it yesterday. I'm not entirely non-functional, but it's close. Team lead tried to send me home early but another team grabbed me for an hour. I have no brain power left. Paul crossed the 50k mark today, but his story is far from done.

Thursday 21st
45082 words, 2066 today. Skipping ahead to a really fun scene to get me back in the groove. Love how I can tie this story into the start of my 2009 novel, and its 2011 sequel. Now if I can just write the final part of the story I'll be set for a mammoth editing task.

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