NaNoWriMo 2013 Week Four - Rounding the bend

I usually find week four hard, especially once I make the official NaNoWriMo winning word count, because my story usually isn't done. I have promised myself a bribe for finishing the story. (Daily updates are posted here)

Friday 22nd
47303 words, 2221 today. Management book club at lunch, writing before Paul got home, and after dinner. Have well and truly broken into the scene bucket, all of Part Four is planned out scene by scene and I'm working on the last piece of Part Three. I think the hardest part of each day is when I'm over the NaNoWriMo target of 1667 words, but below my personal target of 2000 words. I love watching my spreadsheet cells turn green when I slide over the 2k and those last 333 words are hard to find.

Saturday 23rd
50016 words, 2713 today! Write-in at the Crooked Tree in St Charles, bread-baking to fulfill our StL NaNo raffle prize (2 loaves of Guinness molasses bread), and 50th anniversary Doctor Who in the evening! Rocking through with coffee and other WriMos. Bo staff demo after the write-in.

Sunday 24th
51071 words, 1055 today. I still have thirteen more scenes to go before I'm done and I'd like to make a thousand words a day. Delivered both loaves of bread to the raffle winners. Cast on a new knitting project, played some XCOM, it was a good day.

Monday 25th
51082 words, 11 today. Validated my novel at 6:15am! The validator trimmed some words off my total, but I was far enough over the line it really didn't matter. One-on-one lunch with a VP today, I think I'm done with lunchtime writing. After 2 hours of karate, I'm taking the day off writing.

Tuesday 26th
51712 words, 630 today. Wrote after Paul took an early night. Managed to knit today, and watch TV, and have lunch with a work friend. Having fun with my villain in a scene I planned a while back.

Wednesday 27th
51780 words, 64 today. One of those office-half-empty days, followed by a brisk karate group class and my private lesson.

Thursday 28th
52806 words, 1026 today. Thanksgiving! Wrote while the Guinness molasses bread was rising, and while the honey-roasted rutabaga was between bastings. Always surprised when adults say they've never had rutabaga before. Eleven more scenes to write.

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