NaNoWriMo 2013 Week Five – Plowing on

Slowing down but still plodding on. Must finish the story! (Daily updates are posted here)

Friday 29th
54689 words, 1883 today. Black Friday, thankfully an office holiday. My task for the day is to caramelise condensed milk to make a banoffee pie for dinner with friends tonight. And write more scenes, I've removed some from my list so there's only four more to go...

Saturday 30th
55818 words, 1129 today. It's Shop Local Saturday! Or Small Business Saturday. Either way, I'm hitting a local bead shop for supplies for a beaded shawl/scarf, then up to the Crooked Tree to finish off another scene. Two down, two to go, and my Mac just got upgraded to 8Gb of memory.

Sunday 1st
56664 words, 800 today. Finished off the final scenes, this story is DONE!

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