NaNoWriMo 2013 Week One - Building up a buffer

My story has turned out to be a prequel to my multiverse series (at potentially four books, I can't call it a trilogy any more). I love incorporating places I know well into the story and I have a great location in downtown St Louis to use for my story.  (Daily updates are posted here)

Friday 1st
3211 words. Got up with the first squawk of the alarm and hammered out 650 words before word, 1100 at lunch, and more after work. I feel rusty, it's been a while since I wrote fiction, and five months since my last blog post. I really want to win this year and I feel woefully under-outlined and under-plotted. Hoping the characters start doing stuff to pick up the slack.

Saturday 2nd
6300 words, 3072 today. Hoping to hit 10k in 3 days for a good week one start. Wrote 1100 words at Stone Spiral in Maplewood, another thousand at the Crooked Tree Coffee House in St Charles, and more at home. Why is it easier to write in coffee shops? Perhaps because of Rule #1 of writing: turn off the WiFi.

Sunday 3rd
9303 words, 3003 today. Thank you Daylight Savings Time, for the gift of an extra hour to write in. Scenes are coming out around 650 words long, nine of them so far. Characters are taking jobs I didn't expect and connecting to other characters. Need to figure out a good end-of-week crisis.

Monday 4th
11019 words, 1716 today. Tough day for writing, with two hours in the karate studio eating up the evening. On the plus side, I did surprise two of the sparring instructors (in a good way). Planning a quarter-book crisis.

Tuesday 5th
13060 words, 2041 today. Want to get back to my 2k a day schedule today. Little written at lunch or before work, and a hair appointment after means I have to clock 1350 words in the evening. Managed it, and finished part one of the story.

Wednesday 6th
15093 words, 2033 today. Came home with a thousand words, wrote more before karate class and my private lesson. It's hard to write after a 90 minute workout.

Thursday 7th
17125 words, 2032 today. Week one is over. Wrote all through lunch for over a thousand words, and at home after finishing off the required reading for an Agile Leadership book club at work (could the timing have been any less novel friendly?).

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