Under the radar

Between the secret swap gift and some long-delayed half-finished projects, it's gone a bit quiet around here, but I have been working on a few things:

There's some chocolate cherry Finn wool on my spinning wheel that is almost done, I need to spin another half-bobbin and ply it.  This is my first Finn and it's got a texture similar to Wensleydale or Gotland, more hairy and silky than puffy.

I have a short story in the works for the April meeting of Fictional Authors, our post NaNoWriMo writing group.  The prompt for the story sparked all kinds of interesting ideas.  The 2011 NaNoWriMo novel is still about 5000 words from completion, and my two beta readers want the ending.  They know this is now book #2 of a trilogy and I have to write book #3 to finish it all off.  I like the world I created for this set of stories.

My knitting has felt like a slog because I've had too many projects in progress and not enough project completions.  I need those regular wins to keep going, which makes larger projects hard.  I'm planning to finish off a pair of socks and a cropped cardigan, then start something new.  Given the erratic office AC system, I'm thinking my next project will be a Featherweight Cardigan in fingering weight yarn instead of the Amelia in worsted weight yarn I was planning.  I'll still make Amelia, but Featherweight has more immediate usage.

Chainmail has been made, a Full Persian bracelet for a friends husband in plain aluminium.  I completed a Japanese Lace bracelet, like this one but with silver large rings and dark small ones, it completely changes the look.  I also made myself a keychain because the USPS gave my subdivision lockable mailboxes (which is good) but put them in a place that is no longer on my way in and out of the subdivision (not good, and also means I can't put my mailbox key on my regular keychain with the car keys).

And in the category of super-secret underground projects, I'm making stock for a future Etsy shop.  I have a shop name sorted out but the product name is giving me fits.  I need some quality time with a thesaurus, a good cup of tea,  and some creative friends.

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