Spinning FO: Chocolate cherry Finn

This fiber was dyed in Amy's kitchen back in December, using brown and red dyes with some patches left undyed.  The Finn was a new wool to me, it's coarser than merino with a hairy feel like Wensleydale.  It went through the microwave and the salad spinner in the dying process, I had no idea the spinner would be so useful.  The colours came out more muted than I was expecting given the colour of the dye in the pot, but I like how this turned out as yarn.  There are red bits and brown parts and red/brown mixes.

Finn 2-ply yarn.

Fiber: Finn wool, hand dyed with Amy from Fibercycle
Construction: 2-ply
Amount: 230 yards, 3.5oz
Tool: Majacraft Rose spinning wheel

I was aiming for a fat fingering weight or skinny sport weight.  This is over-plied in places, but I prefer that to under-plied and falling apart.  The singles broke a couple of times as I was plying but that always happens.  This skein is going to be an Age of Brass and Steam kerchief, I have just enough.

Next thing on the wheel is some Ginger baby camel/silk 50/50 blend from Corgi Hill Farm, which is a shimmery caramel colour.  I've spun pure baby camel before, and I've spun pure silk before, neither were my favourites to work with.  It looks like the long silk fibres will corral the short camel fibres and make it good.

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