The Sisterhood of the Travelling Scarf

This is going to be the most unusual project I have ever participated in.  It's a simple seaman's scarf with 1x1 ribbing and a knit and purl patttern at each end (Little Pyramids), made in Malabrigo Worsted yarn (Cognac and Applewood).

My travelling scarf.

And I'm done.  That's all I'm doing.  Later this month I'm mailing it to Florida, where a friend will put a section on using her skein of Malabrigo and my pattern, while I'm working on someone else's scarf to their pattern.  Ten mailings later the scarves all return to their original owners with different coloured sections, each made by a different person.

I'm really looking forward to seeing each scarf as they grow, and how the finished ones turn out.

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