FO: Apothecary's Pocket I and II

A small stash-busting project for sock yarn leftovers, Apothecary's Pocket is a drawstring bag designed to hold small things like vitamin pills or dice without rattling.  I do hate rattling.

Apothecary's Pocket I and II.

Pattern: My design
Yarn: Koigu PPPM and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock
Needles: US1 2.25mm
Duration: 4th April to April

The first one took less than one 50g skein of yarn blue/peach Koigu and has linen stitch at the top, which is incredibly dense and too thick to scrunch up well when you have four layers of it together.  I love the colours, and I might make a second one if I have enough leftover.  I bought the skein for a beekeeper's quilt, but the thought of making several hundred hexipuffs doesn't much appeal and this gives me a finished project much faster.

For the second one I used leftovers from a pair of red/black socks I gave to my karate instructor for Christmas.  It is slightly wider with Eye of Partridge stitch for the top.  18in is a good length for the strings, I found some tap shoe laces in the mall that are the right size but very wide.  The drawstring part of this is too tall and doesn't cinch well either.  The blue one came out better and I'm using that at work now.

Now that I have a proper drug-dealer's scale I feel more confident about using up yarn leftovers for small projects.  I might even use it for weighing out stuff in the kitchen, but its primary function is to weigh yarn and fibre.  It will be especially useful for the travelling scarf project.

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