Tweets for the week of September 11th

  • Got Eclipse and Tomcat, please don't tell me I need Struts too. I just want to display the JSP! Shouldn't be so sodding hard to do...
  • Only a Real Nerd has the Doctor Who books arranged on the shelf in correct publication/chronological order. Or a library nut. Pick one.
  • Evil sneaky un-installable Google Updater for Mac evicted courtesy of Ars Technica. Definitely not going to use Picasa now.
  • Lou Fusz Mazda guy drove us home in a new car after the SUV died in the cinema lot. AAA towing took it just up the road to Fusz Servicing.
  • Fixing hem on dark grey poly workout shirt with invisible thread that keeps unthreading the needle = HELL. Sewing goddess I am not.
  • There's nothing worse than a handknit sock that doesn't FIT! Can't believe I'm going to graft the splittiest yarn ever. Hate grafting.
  • First successful grafting exercise EVER, it looks right! Now I have no excuse to avoid grafting, which really stinks. Second toe today...
  • Defrazzling myself: karate class, pasta, SUV fixed, front step fixed, socks completed.
  • Cuttlefish have the "being chased by bad guys" dream too.
  • How do you train co-workers not to disturb me in the middle of a lace repeat without them thinking I'm crazy? I'm just counting stitches.
  • Pricing out a new earring Saturday, but left or right, and what gauge, and where, and what metal, and what works with the sparring helmet?

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