FO: Pillar Socks

I have never had this much trauma getting a pair of socks out the door.

Got partway through the cuff on sock #1 with a rogue loop of yarn at one side, I thought I could live with it.  I couldn't, but I deluded myself for an inch and a half of cuff before I ripped it out.  Did the heel and realised the cuff was way too long, ripped out heel and an inch of cuff, redid the heel with one less repeat and then made the sock way too short for my foot.  The round toe didn't look good on it either.  Ripped out the toe, joined in a new section of yarn, lengthened the foot, and did a different toe that required GRAFTING.  Meanwhile sock #2 had a knot join in the yarn that needed fixing.  Finally...

2009-09 Pillar socks

Pattern: Pillar socks by Lisa Stichweh
Yarn: Crystal Palace Panda Soy in Tibetan Red
Needles: Addi Turbo US1.5 (2.5mm) 40in
Duration: 4th August to 8th September 2009

I hate grafting.  I hate attempting to graft with normal compliant yarn, and this is twelve loose plies of yarn that want to be on separate continents.  Followed all the instructions, pulled the yarn tight but not too tight, and it actually worked, I was stunned.  I've never grafted anything that well before.  It worked on the other sock too, which means I am actually capable of grafting.  Hubby mentioned Rogue again, which I've avoided because of the grafted hood.  Also because I haven't finished Eris yet.  But Rogue is gorgeous.

The Panda Soy knitted fabric is wonderfully soft and I'm hoping it wears better than Crystal Palace Maizy.  I like these socks, even after all the extra work they put me through.

I think I'll go do something simple and quick and easy now, like knit an Orenburg shawl, or learn to speak Basque, or cure cancer.

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