Had a little falling down in the projects department.  I'd been planning to start Heather's Christmas socks once I got done with the previous pair on the needles, but this got there first:

2009-09 Flutter Scarf

This is MimKnits Flutter Scarf, in Skylark Yarns Les Oiseaux, a 70/30 alpaca soy blend.  I hated the last laceweight yarn I tried to work with, but this is going OK so far.  Two minor lacewrecks salvaged already, and the colour is much nicer than in the photo.  I love MimKnits patterns, they are clear and precise and lead you gently into things you didn't think you could do.  I'm a bit perturbed about picking up the cast on stitches for the second half, but I have plenty of time to worry about that.  Also, am I a person who would wear a ruffled scarf?

Started a second Spiralucious cowl with the leftovers from making the previous one.  The original Spiralucious was made, worn, loved, and then used as padding for some glassware in the house move and never seen again.  It may turn up after I've finished this one, giving me a head start on Christmas knitting.  It may not.  Either way, I'll have my cowl back.

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