Tweets for the week of January 8th

  • Eris cardigan has eaten dining table, finally working on cabled hem corner. The end is nigh! Then the sleeves.
  • Only one thing in my Ravelry "in progress" list, feels very odd. Need a portable project for work on Monday.
  • St Louis is so cold this week, a cold that eats through coats, laughs at mittens, and makes you despair of being warm again.
  • There is enough static in my hair to power a small village.
  • I'm in your kitchen, decaffeinating your programmers.  Coffee maker out second day in a row, everyone drinking tea with microwaved water.
  • Paddington Bear had the right idea, marmalade sandwiches ROCK!
  • Spinning yarn from Gotland wool, trying not to treadle like a hamster on speed.

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