Distaff's Day spinning

January 7th was Distaff Day, or Roc day, traditionally the day that housework started after Christmas, and women got down to spinning again.  It was the day I pulled out my spinning wheel after work and spun a bobbin of Gotland wool.  I'm aiming to make 4oz of sport weight yarn for the Fish Trap hat (pattern from Arctic Lace, photo on the Ravelry page).

There's a Sheep to Shawl (or whatever) knit-along group on Ravelry, but they're starting from raw fleece and I have clean roving from Copper Moose.  The furthest I'll go is flick-carding washed locks. This is my first time spinning with a project in mind and for a specific result, instead of just spinning as thin as possible.  I'm using the biggest whorl on the Majacraft Rose and consciously trying to treadle slowly.  The Gotland roving feels slightly felted but it's spinning up well and the shades of grey look great.  It sheds a lot while I'm spinning so my white lap cloth is getting covered.  I have a bobbin and a half done, plus another 3.5oz of roving.

Gotland singles.

I also took the leftovers from a making a 2ply skein of green merino silk and Andean plied them into a 44yd skein of fingering weight yarn with too much plying twist.  Washing and abuse tamed the twist and it become a sample coaster.  There's another 330yds of this to use, it's the first skein I made on the Majacraft Rose wheel.

What do you do with the yarn samples you spin?

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