Cowl'd over

I was warned about the addictiveness of knitting cowls, but it was too late because these are next in line:

Alexstraza cowl (Ravelry pattern)

This could be the perfect pattern for a skein of my handspun yarn. It's pink merino/bamboo 2ply, 198yds of mostly sportweight, and the bamboo makes it shine when it catches the light.  The pattern is simple enough to show off the yarn.  Not started yet, I've been busy spinning Gotland wool for a hat.

Merino bamboo 2 ply

Ivy Vines cowl (pattern)

This will be my second knitspot pattern.  I put a comment on my pattern order to say I'd loved Spiraluscious, and Anne Hanson herself emailed back, which was lovely!  Got some 70/30 mink and cashmere yarn from Great Northern Yarns for this, the mink comes from farmed animals that are sheared once a year, not killed for the pelt.  It tickles me to picture someone shaving a mink.  Wound up the yarn, it is not as soft as I was expecting, it feels and smells like there may be some residue on the yarn from spinning.  Probably just needs a gentle wash.  Ravelry users seem to like the stuff and I might be able to get two cowls out of one skein.

I wanted to try Yarn Harlot's Pretty Thing cowl but it didn't work out.  The cowl was far too large despite getting gauge, the Lana Grossa Seta yarn was too floppy, I couldn't get the rhythm of the pattern, and I wasn't enjoying it.  I've nothing against the pattern, or the yarn, or the designer, but I'm not going to knit this one.  This has happened before with two patterns from the same designer, the Branching Out lace scarf and the Forest Canopy shawl, nice to know I don't have a subconscious vendetta against just her.

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