Eris is back

Way back in May 2008 I started knitting a cardigan.  I worked on it from May to October, then shelved it.  I couldn't figure out how the stitches at the bottom got cast off.  I wanted to wear it, but I was stuck.

This year I resolve to complete it.  Thanks to knitting the Spiraluscious cowl (twice), I figured out what the pattern wanted.  The Eris pattern was perfectly clear but I couldn't visualise it until after I'd done the cowl bind off because a similar thing is going on.  The short row cables and the curled-under hem look fantastic.

Eris left front cabled corner.

Now I can do the right front corner to match this one, and figure out what I want to do with the sleeves.  Floppy sleeves are bad, but I need to be able to wear long sleeves under Eris.  A sleeve seam would give stability, rather than knitting them in the round.  Floppy cuffs are the worst thing ever, I plan to tweak the sleeve decreases to get smaller cuffs.  I'm wearing this in 2010.

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