Tweets for the week of August 28th

  • Google Chrome does the "rip a tab off into a new window" feature I wanted, but I'm not sure I want it having my Google account info.
  • Survived the Friday karate class mostly intact.  "See you next week or else" from the instructor.  Should sleep tonight...
  • Finished re-reading "Harry Potter and the Extended Camping Trip", how the heck will they turn THAT into a movie?
  • Saving Abel, Papa Roach, Hinder, and Nickelback on Saturday night at Riverport, great show!  Escaped parking lot 30 minutes after the show.
  • New episode of The Guild due out today!  Loving the video for "(Do you wanna date my) Avatar"
  • So this is what decent sleep feels like.  Thank goodness for the neurologist/sleep study/drugs/actigraph study/cognitive therapist.
  • FB note: "16 ways to strike to the groin." Yep, that's my karate instructor alright!  Some days I'm really glad I'm female.
  • Left my organiser at home and feel horribly vulnerable without it, it's my backup brain and it has EVERYTHING in!  Not good, not good at all
  • Dreamweaver has no un-squish behaviour, squishing is terminal.  Everything else you can undo, but not the squish.  Squished is forever.

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