UFO: Summer Pillar Socks

One down, one to go, Pillar socks in Crystal Palace's Panda Soy.  The yarn is made up of four strands, which contain three more strands, and all twelve are loosely plied.  It splits and unwinds itself but the fabric is so soft and I think it'll be great for summer use.  Not that we've had much of a consistent summer over here.  The composition is 60% bamboo, 22% soy, and 18% nylon.  I was nervous about picking up stitches with such a splitty yarn but it seemed to work OK.  The garter stitch heel flap is definitely one to try again, it looks great and picking up stitches was much easier than from the standard slip-stitch flap.

Pillar socks in progress.

The first heel flap got ripped out because I'd made the cuff too long, also cut out a repeat on the flap.  Swapped out the pattern toe for a round toe to eliminate grafting.  The second sock will be a breeze after all this!  I always carry around the finished sock as a template for the second.  One day I will actually follow a sock pattern exactly...

I don't know why I insist on doing hemmed top socks with the splittiest of yarns.  It looks great when it's done but it's a complete swine to pick up from the provisional cast on.

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