Healthcare comparisons

UK NHS healthcare has been in the news a lot recently: potential new computer-based insomnia treatment, a horrible lack of domiciliary care and patient horror stories in response, online therapy for depression, and the use of continuous deep sedation as a possible alternative to illegal euthanasia.  The insomnia article and some of the comments on it got my attention, because I've been seeing a doctor for insomnia and the comparison is grim.

I understand that the US healthcare system is flawed.  I also know for a fact the NHS is deeply flawed.   It angers me to see people promoting the NHS so hard they sweep its deficiencies under the rug. Rationed drugs, limited treatment, waiting times that can kill you, people yanked off drugs because they're expensive, doctors and nurses that haven't the time to do their job, people kicked out of hospital to go die at home, grimy hospital wards, I've seen all of that happen either to me or people I know.

This was going to be a blog post, but it became an essay instead, Healthcare, compare and contrast.  The NHS is not a cure for America. It's not an example of the way things should be done.  And it's not a system I ever want to live under again.

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