Spinning frog hair

I wanted to spin something thin.  I was planning to spin a 3-ply Targhee yarn, but the roving wants to be spun too thick.  Tried a cabled yarn with Gale's Art black BFL, but the roving feels a bit felted and it didn't inspire me.  The sheep were not co-operating so I tried a different animal.

Found some undyed 88/12 suri alpaca and bamboo roving the colour of cinnamon.  It is kitten-soft, almost pre-drafted already, a little bit of vegetable matter in it, but it wants to be spun crazy thin, frog hair and cobwebs thin, at least by my standards.  I'm working to make it just a shade thicker and it's going to be a great 3-ply.  Feels like silk to spin, I'm not afraid of making it too thin because it feels like the fibre can take it.

Spinning frog hair.

Got this from Lorry MacDonald of Blackwater Treasures at MOPACA earlier this year.  Planning to Navajo ply it and make a lacy scarf, so I need about 400yds of yarn.  I've never made that much yarn from 4oz of fibre, but I think I can do it with this stuff.  Started spinning with the third whorl and almost no take-up on the bobbin.

I'm spinning it with one of my spinner's lap cloths to keep myself fuzz free.  I got two oversized cotton tea towels and dyed one of them black, they're perfect!

Also perfect is the Nikon D90 camera.  Still getting used to what it can do, but the colour it picks up is very true to life and the images are nicely sharp.

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