Tweets for the week of July 17th

<li>Since when did ad-blocking get equated to stealing?  I decide what I download, not you! <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Completed a Java coding exercise, and put JUnit tests around it.  Feeling accomplished! <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>We&#039;re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Chicago, with his pet skeletal T-rex, and Swedish furniture. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>&quot;You are coming to a sad realisation, cancel, or allow?&quot;  I don&#039;t think my snug pierce is compatible with my karate sparring helmet. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Missed the T-Rex, but got an awesome unfinished wood table for my craft room from Ikea, and visited Elgin Vineyard. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>All we want to do is eat your brains.  We&#039;re not unreasonable, I mean no-one&#039;s gonna eat your eyes. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>RIP snug pierce, I liked you a lot.  We had a good year together and you served your purpose.  PS, I&#039;m already plotting your replacement. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Hoping to finish the suri/icelandic spining tonight for Tour de Fleece.  Plying tomorrow, then onto something pink and fluffy. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Going to watch the karate tournament in Eureka on Saturday, want to see the black belts sparring and doing katas. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Second Tour de Fleece skein complete, 117yds 2 ply 60/40 blend of suri alpaca and Icelandic wool.  Pink merino bamboo next. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Quote of the day: &quot;It was working till I asked them to fix it.&quot; <a href="">#</a></li>

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