Tour de Fleece - One goal met!

Made my goal of two well-plied skeins on Tuesday 14th, one of mohair, one of suri/icelandic.  Both are small skeins, 102yds and 117yds, and both are two ply.  The skeins are balanced and the plying is even, I'm very happy with these.  My other goal is spinning every weekday and I'm still on track with that.

Tuesday 14th July

Finished spinning the suri/icelandic, plied and washed it, 117yds of 2 ply yarn with a nice halo.  The skein is balanced and the plying seemed to be OK.  This fibre didn't shed as much as the mohair.  The strands stuck together after washing, so I have to re-skein it.  Suri/icelandic in the middle, mohair is on the right.

Two skeins spun.

Wednesday 15th July

Divided up the merino/bamboo/nylon fibre (60/30/10 blend) from Susan's Spinning Bunny into two 2oz clumps.  The colour is "Sunrise" and it's a lot more pink than I was expecting when I ordered it.  Fibre feels very soft and it has a nice blend of colours from white to bubblegum to deep pink.  It feels a bit like silk, a bit like milk protein fibre, somewhat flyaway, and the roving is dense.  Spun it thin, it will be another 2 ply yarn.

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