Tour de Fleece - spinning along

Getting close to my "two well-plied skeins" goal now, still spinning every weekday.  I'm spinning on Tour de France rest days because my goal is not to follow them exactly.

Friday 10th July

Working on the second bobbin of suri/icelandic, probably about halfway through.  Pleasantly surprised with how fast this is spinning up, I'm going to need another fibre to spin very soon.  Can I spin another 4oz of fibre before the Tour is up on July 26th?

Heading to Chicago for the weekend, so no spinning Saturday or Sunday.  Still on track for my goal of spinning every weekday.

Monday 13th July

Didn't quite finish the suri/icelandic today, but I will tomorrow so I can ply Wednesday and start some pink merino/bamboo on Thursday. Why is all the dyed fibre in my stash shades of pink?  I'm not a pink person.  I think the suri/icelandic will be another light fingering weight 2 ply.  Spinning with a tea towel on my lap to catch the stray fibres, wish I'd thought of this before!

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