Tour de Fleece - All pink, all the time

Decided to re-skein the suri/icelandic yarn, I might have felted it a little when I washed it.  The mohair yarn will be dyed in black tea next week, and re-skeined after that.

Thursday 15th July

Spun more of the pink merino/bamboo.  The colouring is interesting, it looks as if the different fibres took dye differently.  There is some red in the mix, but a lot of light and dark pink.  Got the first layer down on the bobbin, I'm spinning with the second slowest ratio on the slow whorl and trying to treadle slower.  When I first started spinning my problem was the yarn would snap all the time, now my biggest problem is the ultra-thin sections that get over spun.  I'm liking this colour more now I see it spun up, it will have a barberpole effect when it's plied.

Friday 15th July

More pink fluff today, finished the first bobbin, so 2oz spun so far.  I think I get bored spinning the same thing all the time, it was great spinning the 2oz bags of fibre because it felt like I made more progress.  Perhaps I need more bobbins so I can work on two wheel projects at once.  Wondering what the 30% bamboo will do to the drape of the yarn.

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