Tweets for November 1st to November 15th

  • The blank page awaits / Neurons firing, keyboard taps / The next great novel.  #TuesdaysAreForHaiku
  • Achievements unlocked: mushrooms fried in bacon grease, & using a whole box of mushrooms before they become stinking black slime.
  • Have achieved word count nirvana (5054 words) and can knit with a clean conscience.  Hello yarn, I've missed you.
  • Trying to write a thousand words for NaNoWriMo to finish up. Treacle pudding & custard for dessert was a tactical error, so warm & sleepy...
  • Every time I hear this DJ Sammy song I'm convinced she sings "Pterodactyl of Lurve" and I really want a pterodactyl of love.
  • My tiny 8gb flash drive is chained to a keyring made from wood carbon-dated as being from 4500BC. Contrast much?
  • End of an era, / My desk packed up, moving on / The last day at work. #TuesdaysAreForHaiku

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