NaNoWriMo 2011 - Plowing on

This is where it's supposed to get difficult.  I don't have TIME for it to get difficult, I have too much story to get out!

Tuesday 8th
19001 words, 3279 today.  My last day at the old company, changing job during NaNoWriMo may be certifiably crazy.  Working hard to eliminate my deficit from yesterday after an emotional Happy Hour with the old company saying goodbye to me and two others

Wednesday 9th
21074 words, 2073 today.  Wrote a thousand words at Jen's place in the evening, finishing up at home afterward.  Drove over 130 miles today, I'm supposed to be relaxing

Thursday 10th
23148 words, 2074 today.  Wrote less than 500 words before dinner, the rest after.  Less driving around today, more relaxing.  Wondering how I'm going to manage writing lunchtimes at the new job next week.

Friday 11th
25238 words, 2090 today.  Great start to the day at Crooked Tree coffee house in St Charles with Joy and Dale, and an excellent hazelnut mocha.  Forgot to ask for decaf coffee, that might explain the flurry of words.

Saturday 12th
28444 words, 3206 today.  Wrote at the Crooked Tree coffee house in St Charles in the company of other wrimos, finished up in Chesterfield Barnes & Noble while waiting for a movie.  Unexpected things happened to my main character and I'm not sure where she goes from here.  She's pretty ticked off.

Sunday 13th
31010 words, 2566 today.  Broke the 30k mark at the write-in at Clayton Bread Co, then the 31k mark.  Trying to build up a buffer before starting the new job tomorrow.  After much pondering, I have a set of titles that I like for this trilogy I'm writing.

Monday 14th
32513 words, 1503 today.  First day at the new company!  807 words before work, exhausted afterwards.  Finished up in the evening.  Probably won't get much written tomorrow between work and karate.

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