Knitting on the way past

It's November, which means I don't knit much.  However, I do write.

I'm working on releasing the patterns for two pairs of socks, first is Squishville Socks, test knit by the lovely Gayle, Ravelry link here.  Hers are made from alpaca and look delightfully squishy.  The second is Zen Waves socks (Ravelry link).  I've never released a sock pattern before but people have asked for the pattern for these two.

After much experimentation, I've found a rhythm for hexipuffs to knit the Beekeeper's Quilt (Ravelry link).  Mine are bigger than the pattern says, and not stuffed.  Had to go up to a US8 needle to get these to work, and this falls into the "so long term it might as well be hibernating" project scope.

I'm working on a pair of blood red socks for a Christmas present, one is well past the heel and about done.  It depends on how long I want to make the cuff.  I'm adding some hidden calf shaping in the purl gullies of the ribbing, it's almost invisible and adds just a shade of extra ease.

Rowan yarns is planning to discontinue Calmer, their cotton/acrylic worsted weight yarn.  Amy Singer of Knitty has started a petition to save Calmer, encouraging people to sign it, buy it, and knit it.  I picked up my first Calmer from WEBS and I'm planning on making a Golden Vintage cardigan (Ravelry link) with it.

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