NaNoWriMo 2011 - And miles to go before I sleep

This week has felt like really hard work.  Wrote till 11pm on the Friday, struggling to set up a new routine.  Fred was right, it is crazy to change job during NaNoWriMo.  But is it just crazy enough to work?

Tuesday 15th
33607 words, 1094 today.  Went from work straight to karate, then home to write.  This new job schedule is unkind to my novel.  Hoping to get into a better rhythm on Wednesday or Thursday.  Still ahead of my personal schedule of 2k a day but the buffer is almost used up.

Wednesday 16th
35654 words, 2047 today.  Wrote alone at home, still in karate gear after my lesson, trying to break the 2k barrier and get my rhythm back.  Writing some confrontational scenes that ping my nerves a bit.

Thursday 17th
37689 words, 2035 today.  Found a whole new way to make things even worse for my characters and they can't do anything about it.  Working 7-4 now, much more suited to my rhythm.  Finally writing the mid-novel crisis point where everything goes wrong for all my characters.

Friday 18th
39693 words, 2004 today.  Forcing myself over the 39k barrier past my bedtime, trying to keep my 2k a day pattern going.

Saturday 19th
41720 words, 2027 today.  Wrote at knitting morning, then at home waiting for friends to turn up for the Jim Gaffigan show tonight.  Making one of my bad guys much nastier today, and relying on a website, Written? Kitten!, to get me over the 2k mark.

Sunday 20th
44346 words, 2626 today.  300 words at home with the laundry, more at the Clayton write-in (attendance is greatly reduced, possibly because of the rain and cold), more at home while Paul went to the St Louis Night of Scribbling Recklessly at MoKaBe's.  Two characters behaving in unexpected ways today.

Monday 21st
44346 words, 0 today.  I'm tired.

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