Tweets for November 16th to November 30th

  • I have entered the long dark tunnel known as "Book Set kata". One day I will emerge and know the whole thing, but not this year.
  • Yay! Got my beta download for UltraEdit for Mac! Column mode, how I've missed you. Now for the re-acquainting, and dumping of TextWrangler
  • The Majacraft spinning camp looks so much fun! Can't I just fly to New Zealand for the weekend in March?
  • My best writing tool this year has been the kitchen timer, set on 15 minutes. Write, then break, then write again.
  • Finally writing the scene I've been waiting for since page one, 44k words ago, an epic car chase through London!
  • Bizarre dream, escaping from a zombie-infested shopping mall with @psh and @hellomyavocado in a stolen Land Rover, heading for the desert.
  • Winning, I has it! Validated my NaNoWriMo novel today! Now to go finish the story...
  • Parmesan zuchinni bread a complete success, nice and crusty. I know what I'm having for breakfast.
  • Current desktop wallpaper is a pic of the start of an avalanche, so appropriate for the season.  Roll on January.

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