NaNoWriMo 2010: Week Four

Monday 22nd
45500 words, 2074 today.  Finally wrote the scene I've been building up to for the entire story, an epic car chase through London, ending at Tower Bridge.  Love how it turned out!  Challenged to a race to 50k by Munro, but he started 2k ahead.

Tuesday 23rd
46656 words, 1156 today.  Worked through lunch, came home early to do kata to work off the insanity of my new deadline, and skipped the write-in.

Wednesday 24th
49164 words, 2508 today.  Aiming for 49k today, I'm a little behind after yesterday's disastrous mood.  819 words at lunch, finished off at home.

Thursday 25th
49164 words, 0 today. Thanksgiving Day, took the day off writing to make honey-roasted rutabaga and spend the day with Mandy and her family.

Friday 26th
50736 words, 1549 today. Black Friday and both Hubby and I are off work.  Went to the Friday morning write-in at the Crooked Tree coffee house, and cruised past the 50k mark.  Validated at home and collected my winner goodies before the rush, I still have chapters 11 and 12 to write, though they might get consolidated.  I like the idea of a novel with a prime number of chapters.

NaNoWrimo Winner!

Saturday 27th
52864 words, 2128 today, all done at the write-in at the Crooked Tree coffee house in St Charles.  I think I've actually finished the story and tied up all the loose ends.

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