Picking up the slack

After NaNoWriMo is over there's the traditional post-novel slump, and wondering what to do with all that free time you're not using to bang out a novel.  I have a few craft plans for December:

A sleeve on Eris
Next time Hubby's out of town for business, I want to work on a sleeve for my Eris cardigan.  I'm ditching the pattern sleeve because I don't want it to be floppy and I need to do some calculating for the decreases and cuff.  Happily I have the whole body as a swatch for row and stitch gauge.

Orange DNA scarf
I've loved the DNA scarf pattern for years, I've been wanting a Seaman's Scarf, and I have the perfect Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport yarn for it, in a slightly variegated satsuma colour.  I must knit bright colours in winter.

Finish the Slayer socks
These need a heel and a cuff on the second sock, and I'll have a pair of blood red socks.  It won't take long once I get past the complicated part.  These will go through the washer and dryer, I need them to shrink a little.

More on the Larix shawl
This may be a long term project.  There's a 12 row repeat and I have 900yds of sock yarn to get through.  I like the pattern a lot, it's a shawl with no lace, just columns of twisted stitches and two plain panels that show off the yarn.  Four repeats done so far.

Larix shawl.

Learn tatting
I'm blaming Laura for this, she turned up at knitting morning with an amazing tatted lace flower, and made a lace ring while we watched.  There's an article with an instruction video, all you need is crochet cotton and a standard (preferably blunt) needle.

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