NaNoWriMo 2010: Week Three

Week Three is where you hit the 35k mark and life suddenly gets easier.  I'm killing off several characters this week, some of them with the Travelling Shovel of Death.

Monday 15th
31159 words, 846 today.  761 words at lunchtime, writing my main character from another character's viewpoint feels a bit odd.  Got a tiny bit of writing done in the St Louis Square office waiting for Hubby.

Tuesday 16th
33633 words, 2474 today.  1109 words at lunch today, 912 after work.  Write-in at West County Mall in the cafe of Barnes and Noble, 6-8pm, I arrived after doing half a karate group class again.  Shared my NaNo spreadsheet with Munro and Tom, it doesn't turn green for the day until you've written 2000 words.

Tuesday 16th
35735 words, 2102 today.  Someone is occupying my lunchtime writing room at work and it's health insurance meeting day in the other conference room.  1039 words at lunch, writing at my desk.  Carol came over and we wrote a couple of 15 minute sessions on the sofa with a cat curled up between us.

Thursday 18th
38151 words, 2416 today.  No writing at lunch, went out to eat with my architect and the architect from Raleigh NC instead.  15 minute writing sprints at my desk with the cat curled up in the chair beside me.

Friday 19th
39002 words, 851 today.  Wrote at lunch, totally brain-fried after work, so took the night off and went to the Masters of the Fiddle concert instead, Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy were awesome!

Saturday 20th
41015 words, 2013 today.  Went to knitting morning and knit for two hours with my friends, did 1200 words at the Crooked Tree coffee house write-in afterwards.  Went to see "Harry Potter and the Extended Camping Trip Deathly Hallows" with Hubby, and finished up the words at home after dinner.  Killed someone with the Travelling Shovel of Death!

Sunday 21st
43426 words, 2411 today.  Official write-in at Central Bread Co, 2-4pm.  Got to the write in early and got over 2000 words written, finished up at home.

Heading for the finish line and the last nine days of National Novel Writing Month!  Please donate to NaNoWriMo if you're taking part.

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