Neglected Knits

While the Tour de Fleece is great for spinning output, the knits get relegated to just a little progress at lunchtimes.  I've been working on two projects.

Aria Delicato scarf
I tried making this scarf once before and abandoned it.  This time seems to be working better.  I added a horizontal repeat and picked Nightfall yarn from FibroFibers.  The yarn shades from orange to dark chocolate brown/black across the length.  30 repeats in I've gone from solid orange, to orange with black speckles, to black with orange speckles.  I think I have enough yarn to do another 15 to 20 repeats, which should get me into the solid black yarn.

The pattern is an 8 row repeat, and it's simple enough to memorise.  The changing yarn colour is keeping this interesting but I hope it doesn't drown out the pattern.

Washcloth and Aria Delicato scarf.

Hemp facecloth
I got some 100% hemp laceweight in 2007 when I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Knitting the yarn doubled gets it to light fingering weight thickness.  The facecloth is a 10 inch square knit on US1.5 needles, 70st wide with a 5st garter border.  Hemp fibre is supposed to be antibacterial, which seems a good quality for a facecloth.

I really didn't like this when I started but it's growing on me as it gets bigger.  There's some drape, the fabric is dense, and I'm very curious what will happen when it goes through the washer.  I hope it'll get softer as the hemp is quite rough.  The yarn comes from a dyer who stopped selling yarn several years ago, but Hemp For Knitting sells a fingering weight 100% hemp yarn that is probably similar.

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