Tour de Fleece 2011 wrap up

I'm calling this a win even though I deviated from my goals.  My original Tour de Fleece goals were:

  • Spin every day
  • Finish the blue fibre
  • Sample some new fibre
  • Prep and spin 3oz grey Polwarth locks

Spin every day
Almost achieved.  I skipped a Tuesday, but I spun on both official rest days.  I could rearrange my mornings and spin a little first thing before work in front of my light box.

Finish the blue fibre
Achieved!  450yds of light fingering weight or heavy laceweight yarn spun, plied, washed and ready to be knitted.  This was the best yardage I've ever managed.

Sample some new fibre
Not done, New Zealand polwarth was new to me, but I've spun polwarth before.

Prep and spin 3oz grey Polwarth locks
Didn't even try to meet this goal, I got distracted with the thought of two usable skeins of yarn.  I don't think I'm much of a fibre preparing person, I prefer to work with roving or top.

I did achieve two personal bests though, the longest skein I've ever spun (450yds light fingering weight 2-ply), immediately superseded by the longest and thinnest skein I've ever spun (638yds laceweight 2-ply).  I think I need to try spinning some sport weight yarn, just to make sure I still can.  I also spun almost all of two 4oz chunks of fibre (I had a half bobbin of the blue when I started the Tour), which makes a little extra room in the fibre box.

Tour de Fleece 2011.

From left to right this is the blue merino/bamboo/silk light fingering weight, the Sunburnt Country polwarth laceweight, the Falklands leftovers, the laceweight mini skein, and the blue leftovers.

I ended the Tour with all five bobbins empty and no leftover singles.  It's time for a stash diving expedition to find what to spin next.  Cream Cormo is a possibility, dark brown CVM would be a new fibre to try, or maybe pink/grey/blue merino.  I'll see what speaks loudest to me.

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