Tweets for April 16th to April 30th

  • TopatoCo: Keep Calm And Shoot Them In The Head Print.
  • The Nutella experiment: toasted hazelnuts cooling before being blended. Not easy to get the skins off.
  • RIP 12 year old blender, you died in the service of a good cause: 3 jars of chunky nutella cooling in the fridge.
  • Those crystal nail files that work so well?  No flex in them whatsoever.  In other news, glass shards travel further than you think.
  • The empty inbox, / Like a lily pond without / Those annoying fish. #haiku #TuesdaysAreForHaiku
  • Wow.  AT&T support says bugger off and call tomorrow, they're not even going to bother today.  Thanks for the customer DIS-service.
  • What did we do to offend you April, that you throw one-inch hail at us?
  • I propose a weekly haiku-a-long on Twitter, the 5-7-5 format.  Who's with me? #TuesdaysAreForHaiku
  • Just realised I tell days from level of ache from karate & sparring, after a 2 week break for injury I have NO IDEA what day it is.
  • "Failure is not an option.  It comes bundled with the product." -- Ferenc Mantfeld
  • My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20, now the C64 is coming back!
  • Striped towel, yoga mat, T-pins, soggy lace scarf. Settling in for an evening's blocking.
  • Silent house with cats, / Light switches all in order, / Planning what to bake. #haiku #TuesdaysAreForHaiku
  • Note to self: if attacked by a zombie gorilla, do not attempt to break its neck, it won't work.  Shoot it in the head and move on.
  • My phone has decided we are now in Kellyville, just outside Sydney, Australia. It's deluded but the Australian place names are fascinating.
  • St Louis drivers PUT YOUR HEADLIGHTS ON so I can SEE you more than 10yds away. Rain-coloured cars please re-spray yourselves orange.

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